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Tennis Trading Guide December offer

December is a pretty quiet month for tennis. The players are enjoying a rest after a tough 11 month season. Many of them won’t be doing too much celebrating for New Year’s Eve as the 2018 season kicks off on the 1st January.


If you haven’t yet tried tennis trading on Betfair (or maybe you HAVE tried it but need a little help!) here is an offer to get you started.

Buy my Tennis Trading Guide in December and get my daily Trading Advice emails for the whole of January for FREE!

***This will include the whole of the Australian Open!


The Trading Guide is perfect for beginners but will also improve your tennis trading if you already have some experience. You get lifetime support for the small one time payment of £29.


The daily Trading Advice emails go out 7 days a week and give info and trading advice on every ATP and WTA match for that day. Benefit from my 9 years of tennis trading experience on the Betfair exchange.


Great value for a great product and service! 


Daily Tennis Trading Advice – Use my 9 years of Betfair trading experience

My Tennis Trading Advice service is entering its fourth year!

I have been trading tennis on Betfair since 2008 and full time since 2010. I can help you find the value in the tennis markets on the Betfair exchange.

The emails are sent out 7 days a week and cover all the ATP and WTA main draw matches. I will sometimes cover qualifying rounds and also the Challenger tour if there are not enough main tour matches available.

Betfair Trading Advice


I give my opinion on each match along with advice on how to profit from it. A lot of statistics are researched and whilst not all those statistics are listed in the email the advice given takes everything into consideration.


I give the current Betfair price and my own price based on my personal pricing model. This can make it easy for the subscriber to spot value if the Betfair and my price vary.

As with the Tennis Trading Guide you get full support to help you get the best from the service.


The emails are £20 per month and during December there are yearly and 6 month subscriptions available.


Monthly subscription


Yearly subscription



We have reached the end of the 2017 season.

Next season starts on the 1st January. Between now and then I will be updating the website. The strategies will get tweaked where necessary and I have already started updating the players notes on the current top 100 ATP and WTA players.

Last season must go down as a success. The “discovery” I made in my researching of matches didn’t make as much difference to the straight bets as I had hoped but the difference it made to my trading was significant. I personally traded 20% fewer matches in 2017 compared to 2016 and my profit rose by 18%.

This will also help the Trading Advice in the daily emails. Check them out if you haven’t already and let me remind you there are yearly and 6 month subscription available

The straight bets have been replaced by predictions for every match and they seem to have been popular judging by the site stats.

The Skype room has been popular with around 235 people signed in to it.

Any questions regarding any of my services or trading in general, fire them over on email.


December is a good time to buy the Tennis Trading Guide as you have time before January to get familiar with the content. Great value at £29 for lifetime access and support!

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