WTA Australian Open, Second round: Sharapova v Sevastova, midnight

Sharapova 1.47, Sevastova 3.05 Head to heads are one win each.  They last met in Beijing in October 2017. Sharapova won on a hard court in a third set tie break.  Just over a month earlier Sevastova won on a hard court at the US Open. She also won in … Continue reading

WTA Australian Open, Second round: Cornet v Goerges, 8am

Cornet 4.90, Goerges 1.24 Goerges has won all 5 of their previous meetings.  They last met  in Stuttgart, Germany in April 2016. She won in straight sets on clay. Only their hard court match in 2011 went to 3 sets. Three of their matches were on hard courts. Goerges has … Continue reading

ATP Australian Open, Second round: Cuevas v Harrison, 3am

Cuevas 2.52, Harrison 1.64 Harrison won their only previous meeting.  That was on clay in Houston in April 2008 and he won in straight sets. Overall stats are very even for last year. On hard courts Harrison has an edge. He won 53% of his matches compared to 38% from … Continue reading

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