3 days to go!!

The countdown clock has reached 3 days to go until the new year and the new season.

The new season brings a new service. Daily punting tips for people who either don’t have time for trading or perhaps the markets move a little fast for you to get the hang of them.

£25 per month. If the tips don’t cover the subscription using £10 as 1 unit you get the following month for free.

If you’re looking to place the bets and leave them then you need an application to handle that. Several of the popular trading software can handle the job. I have a suggestion for a free option if your application of choice can’t handle it. Email me for details on tradeshark@aol.com

Details here


January 1st also brings the Christmas Promo to an end. To kick start the blog for 2012 you can now get the Trading Guide and membership of TradeShark Tennis for the crazy price of £19! Normal price £29.

    Trading Guide

3 thoughts on “3 days to go!!”

  1. Hi

    As I’m sure you are aware I have subscribed to your new daily tipping service and I look forward to starting in a few days. I assume that the tips just arrive in my mail box and I don’t need to log into anything. I have accounts with Betfair, 365, PP and SJ. Is this enough?

    Is your Trading Guide something totally separate?

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Tony,
      The tips will appear on the subscriber-only section of the forum. I will be using only betfair. As stated on the information thread I will provide a stoploss price and also any tradeout/green up price.

      The trading guide is a different product and gives trading advice and strategies for tennis matches.


      EDIT I have decided to also send tips out via email

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