ASB Classic – Monday

22:00 – Suarez Navarro v Gallovits


Rankings are 33 and 104. Head to heads are 2-0 to SN.


This should be a straight forward win for Suarez Navarro. She is currently 1.55 on betfair. Any 15-40 opportunity in her favour should be taken. If she gets a break of serve without it being from 15-40 then back her after the break.


Green up after the first set.


Update: Well this one was interesting! There had been a bomb scare at the tournament venue so the start of play was delayed. This match seemed to be the only one not covered by bet365 and i couldn’t find a stream to watch it.


Betfair turned the game in play at its scheduled time of 22:00. There were 3 of us in the forum shoutbox watching for the start of the game and once we found out why the delay we waited. Then the prices started jumping all over the place. There was no scoreboard for the game on the ATPworldtour site although they had the other 2 games up.


I guessed that there had been news of an injury to Suarez Navarro which was sending her price out to 2.00. I tried to get matched at 2.00 and got it taken almost straight away. I then placed a hedge bet at 1.72 figuring that if the players made it oncourt the price on the fave would drop down well below that price. She was trading just above that price for a while and then it started moving up again and the underdog was trading at 1.65ish.


I was worried that the game was actually inplay and started looking around at other score sites. None of them showed it as having started. A few nervous minutes later her price started to drop back to its original place and our hedge bets were taken. We were each approx £30 green. Then the scoreboard appeared! The first set had been played and SN had won it 6-4. It seems there had been several breaks of serve. Very lucky to come away unscathed from that one although I called the result correctly.


Suarez Navarro won 6-4, 7-5.



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