Australian Open Semi Finals – Thursday week 2

Ladies’ Semis:


02:30 – S Williams v Li


Rankings are 1 and 17. Head to heads are 3-1 to Williams.


In their 4 previous meeting, in 3 of them it went to 3 sets and in the other one ( their last match) the second set went to a tie break. So Li is capable of worrying Williams. Serena’s starting price of 1.19 makes laying her a good option. Ofcourse she is expected to win but if Li can take advantage of a slow start then there are profits to be had.


As an alternative you could wait for Li to break before backing Serena. If Serena gets an early break then you haven’t lost anything.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see 3 sets. Williams to go through to the final.


Update: Very close match with both sets going to a tie break. Williams won 7-6, 7-6.



04:30 – Henin v Zheng


Zheng is ranked 35. Head to heads are 1-0 to Henin.


I thought Henin would have burned herself out by now but she’s still going. Zheng has been playing very well and if she cam limit her unforced errors as she has in the last 2 rounds then this will almost certainly goto 3 sets.


Henin starts at 1.27 so laying her is an option. However I’d expect her to make the faster start as she won’t want another long match if she is to have enough energy for the final ( assuming she gets there).


In the 3 matches that Zheng has been taken to 3 sets she has lost the opening set. I’d expect Henin to take the opening set here too.


Henin to win in 2 tight sets or a 3 setter.


 Update: Wow that was close! Where does she get her energy from?


Henin won 6-1, 6-0. Should be a great final!




08:30- Cilic v Murray


Rankings are 14 and 4. Head to heads are 3-1 to Murray. Cilic won their last match.


Tough match for Murray and his price being at 1.24 is crazy. Probably pushed low by Brits placing bets on him.


 Murray has been playing very well in this tournament and probably has his best opportunity to date to bag his first Grand Slam event.


Cilic seems to have no nerves and I can see him taking the match close.


Lay Murray from the start. Don’t get too greedy but I would be amazed if he doesn’t trade higher during the opening set. However I’d expect him to progress to the final.


Update: Murray lost the opening set and his price touched 2.00 .


After that both players played some great tennis with Murray having ther slightest of edges. He took the next 2 sets 6-4. In the decider he was near perfect. Looks like he means business this season. he took the final set 6-2.


Murray won 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2.



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