Bell Challenge – Tues

Liquidity doesn’t seem great today. Hopefully more money will come in as we get nearer the matches. As we are only trading women’s matches this week the 15-40 comes into play a lot more. Really any match with over 50K matched before the game starts should be suitable. Lower ranked players are obviously less consistent on serve and look for games where the price of the fave isnt too low. We need the price to have “somewhere to go!”

18:00 – Dubois v Safarova

Rankings are 100 and 50. They have never met.

Safarova is 1.32 on BF but as her ranking suggests she isn’t super consistent.  Use 15-40 and if Safarova takes over as she should, let a back bet run to the end of the set.


20:00 – Kulikova c Cravero

Kulikova is unranked yet she is a strong favourite on BF.  I would expect breaks galore in this one.

Check liquidity before the start and if over 50K, use 15-40 and green up after each trade.

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