Betdaq – Let’s have a look on Monday night!

As you should know by now Betfair will be unavailable from midnight Monday. In the past this would mean that tennis traders would be forced to take the night off but now we have a viable option – BETDAQ.

I have been watching the liquidity grow on BETDAQ for a while now and when I saw the announcement by Betfair I thought it would be a good option to spend the night on the other exchange.

Tim from the Centre Court Blog had the same idea and I think this is the perfect opportunity to not only try out BETDAQ properly but also to give the new Geeks Toy Betdaq version a try.

Its about time there was some serious competition for Betfair and this is a great chance to take a step closer to that being a reality.


If you don’t have the new version of the Geeks Toy for Betdaq click the banner.


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1 thought on “Betdaq – Let’s have a look on Monday night!”

  1. it is great idea! we all need to fight with betfair monopoly and their maffia charges like stealing our money by no sense charges like even 40% to 60% (what is sick at all)

    this idea should be shared all around traders blogs and even on facebook fanpages, only than it can bring effects.

    WE NEED BETDAQ and BETDAQ need us ! ! !

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