BetTrader Evo version 3 – with Training Mode

I have just downloaded EVO 3 which now has a training mode which allows you to trade with a dummy account.

Whilst I don’t know how it works out where you are in a queue of bets taken from the live Betfair data it should prove very useful for people wanting to get to grips with how a ladder works and to try out new strats etc.

No tennis this week so I haven’t been able to try it with those markets but I’ll certainly be giving it a go next week.

I’ll also be using it to try ( again) to learn the pre race horse markets. I’m not sure how accurately it will simulate the market for someone using big stakes but for anything smaller ( a couple of hundred is where I will start ) I think it will be better for newbies than using the demoralising £2 minimum stakes.

I’ll post again once I have tried it on the tennis markets.

Worth a look!

Update: Unfortunately this trial will not continue

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