Can you make money trading tennis?

According to Google, this is one of the more common questions on tennis trading.

Tennis trading probably gives you the best chance of being profitable on the Betfair Exchange. As a tennis match only has 2 possible outcomes in the match odds market and the price is only affected by what’s happening on the court, we have more control over our trades compared to trades on other sports.

In football trading, the prices move even in the most boring match that has little happening and no goals. The amount of time left in the match affects the prices. You also have much fewer significant events in a football match.

In tennis, the price on the player who wins the point moves lower. After EVERY point. This gives us a lot more price swings and if you understand the patterns in tennis matches, you can trade these small price moves or alternatively use longer “swing” trades where you try to anticipate a break of serve. breaks of serve will move the price further than it does for a hold of serve.

As you knowledge of the players improves, you are more able to anticipate these breaks of serve. For example, a WTA player who is serving for the set and who has been broken 2 or more times during the set, is likely to get nervous. There is an above average chance that she will get broken. So, if we lay this player before she serves for the set, we have a good chance of a profitable trade.

There are many more opportunities in a tennis match to place a low risk trade which has a strong chance of making us money.

if you’re interested in finding out how to make money from tennis trading, have a look at my Tennis Trading Course. Ideal for beginners or traders with experience of trading other sports.

Tennis Trading Course

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