Change of VAT laws for Digital Products or Services

VAT isn’t the simplest of subjects at the best of times. As I understand the changes, from January 1st the VAT threshold is being removed. This means that anyone selling digital products or services to customers in the EU must register for VAT.

VAT will be charged at the rate that is current in the customer’s country.

VAT changes from 2015


To simplify things, before we reach 2015 I will be switching all sales to Clickbank as they take care of the VAT handling and reporting etc. This will obviously still mean that customers in EU countries will be charged VAT!


I have said in the past that I had no plans to increase the price of the Trading Guide and TradeShark Tennis  membership but the VAT situation is being forced upon us.

Note, I will be setting the price of the Shark Tips service to keep the cost more or less the same once VAT is added.


So if you were thinking about buying the Trading Guide and Membership and you live in an EU country I suggest you buy it before next month to avoid the VAT charge.

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