Daily Trading Advice Email. What would you like to see in it?

The advice email has been going for a couple of seasons now. It is an extension of the research that I do each day for my own trading.  Obviously if I am making it available to others it has to be presented better than I did it for just myself!

A great deal of time goes into the email each day and I am keen to include the information that subscribers want or need.


So, what would you like to see included? Naturally whilst I would love to provide all sorts of info but time is a factor. For example I was recently asked to indicate which were my favoured trades each day. As that only mean highlighting a box on the relevant matches it was very easy to do.

Is there a particular statistic that you like to have compared?

I would be interested in hearing people’s opinions. If you have not seen the trading email take a look at an example.  05oct2016fq

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