TradeShark Diary, 3rd April 2020

I didn’t update the post yesterday. The clap for the NHS and other key workers ( maybe they can find another name for it) brought out a lot more people down our street than it did last week. This time everyone was out in the front gardens.


I need to stop looking out of the windows when I am sat at my desk. The young girl opposite really isn’t ready to look after herself never mind her young kid. She has set fire to the place at least twice. She doesn’t live with her mum who is either a carer or works for the NHS judging my the uniform. This morning her mum was packing her daughter and grandson into her car. It looked like they were moving in with her and the rest of the family. Now I understand the need to help your kids and I sympathise but I would put money on the mum not knowing that her daughter had a load of mates round pretty much every day in the last 2 weeks. That obviously drastically increases the chances that she could be infected. Her mum is then going into her ward or care home where there are people who are more vulnerable to the virus.

I should close the blinds. I keep telling myself that it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to follow the rules (or even try to follow the rules).

I get lots of emails asking if I accept guest posts or sponsored posts. While there is no tennis on if they want to pay me to post on the blog I’m happy to oblige. Lets see if I get any more. I have emailed those who have asked in the last few months. I didn’t email the woman who sent me about a dozen follow up emails after I said that I wasn’t interested.

I took my camera out with me a last night. Every night I see foxes or something going on that might be of interest on here. Every night except the one night that I took the camera. Sod all happened. Lets see what happens tonight.

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TradeShark Diary, 2nd April 2020

I’m posting this a bit early and there may be additions later.

My wife works at the local hospital. She is not due back there until Monday but obviously keeps in touch with her friends from work. She works on the infectious diseases ward which is naturally all Coronavirus patients now.

They have run out of most of the correct PPE. The staff are having to buy visors, hair covers and masks from their own pockets. Yesterday “Infection Control” visited the ward and the staff were criticised for having the wrong PPE on!

Even worse is that when patients die they were having to double bag them as the virus stays on the body for 4 days. They have now run out of body bags! They had 6 deaths on the ward yesterday.

Don’t believe the crap they tell us on the news about the amount of PPE being sent out. It clearly is NOT enough.

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