TradeShark Diary, 26th November 2021

I don’t seem to have as much time during the season to post diary entries. Obviously the main tours have ended now so just a bit of Challenger trading. Well, there is the Davis Cup this week though I have never really got on with those matches. You spend time researching a match and the bugger’s change players a few minutes before the match.

As we near the end of the 11th month of the season, to be honest I’m ready for a break from the screens! A couple of planned holiday’s didn’t come off this year. I did threaten to put the dogs in the car and take off camping on my own. That didn’t go down too well.

Tennis Profits opened the doors for Wimbledon. Other than the initial push for the opening we have not advertised the service. We were waiting until the Live Stats Module was complete. The Trading Stats Report took forever to be completed. It gives relevant stats for the strategies that are on the site. We already had the stats but the developer somehow dragged things out for way too many weeks. The In Play Stats was one of the main reasons that I got involved with TP. If that turns out as I want it to, it will be a real game changer for tennis traders. Work on that has started and hopefully we will have something to look at next week.

The TradeShark Tennis Trading Guide is still available separately. I have been doing live trades for Tennis Profits and I am intending to do some live streamed trades for TradeShark members in the new season. I used to do those when I was still trading as a hobby but they were a little chaotic at times. I have ironed out the kinks and they now work well.

Just a month to go to Christmas. We had a decent one last year despite having to move the Christmas dinner to Boxing Day. That meant my wife had to switch her Boxing day shift to the 25th and I had that day to myself. I quite enjoyed it! This year our daughter, son in law and grandkids are settled in their new house and we are going there for dinner. I hope you all have a great Christmas this year, especially if things didn’t quite work out in 2020.

You might remember that I had an issue with the kids of one of our neighbours a couple of years ago. They were throwing a basketball around and it was constantly coming over the wall into our back garden and damaging plants and pots. I wrote about it HERE. Anyway, a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I opened the door. It was Mensa Boy! He looked a bit nervous. He said,

“We have been sent a video.”

I thought to myself that I hoped you would have been. The previous week, one of the dogs was going nuts at the back gate. I went outside and when he heard the back door opening, a teenager climbed on the fence that separates the path at the side of the house from the pavement.

“Can I stroke your dog?”

“You wouldn’t want to.”


“You’ve heard of drugs detector dogs? He’s a retard detector dog. You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

This joker is a mate of Mensa’s kids and fancies one of the girls. Even though the basketball incident was a couple of years ago, the girl can still be heard to say to her mates loudly if I am in the street that “I hate him! He’s nasty!” (I’m not nasty). This idiot was trying to show that he wasn’t scared of me.

For some reason, a group of around 8 teenagers had decided to sit on the pavement just outside our back gate. They were one of Mensa’s girls and her boyfriend plus some other mates. There is a street light there and parked cars which blocked Mensa and his wife from seeing what they were doing, which was popping pills.

About 6 feet from the gate, and clearly visible from the pavement I have a camera. Just one of those wifi ones but the quality of the images is decent and it records audio. I logged into the camera app on my phone to keep an eye on them. One of joker’s friends asked him,

“Why are we sitting here when there is a camera?”

Joker: “Its not working. If it was, the red light would be on.” (Incorrect).

Over the next hour or so, the rest of the group weren’t doing any harm, other than to their own mental and physical health with whatever shit they were taking. Joker decided he wanted to wind me up. He climbed over the fence and on to the garden wall. He was trying to look into the kitchen and took a photo of the back door. He said to one of his mates,


“Imagine if I jumped into his garden and knocked on his door!”

The camera, as well as recording video and audio, also has a speaker. Now, bearing in mind that he thought the camera wasn’t working, he was a little surprised to hear,

“Well, I’d kick the living shit out of the trespasser and the dog will eat what’s left”.

He was like Daley Thompson going over that fence.

Anyway, as the group got more stoned they got louder and Mensa’s girl must have had a bad reaction to the drugs as she was screaming like she was being attacked. They moved away from our gate into Mensa’s front garden. The camera caught most of this. There is a woman over the road who knows everyone, or at least says she knows everyone. She is mates with my wife and I told Sue to send her the video. I thought that she would send it around the locals. I knew Joker lived in the estate somewhere but had no idea which house.

So, this was the video that was sent to Mensa and his wife.

“I’ve been sent a video.”

He clearly wasn’t sure how I was going to react. The only previous time we had talked ended in me shouting after him as he ran inside his house,

“Why don’t you try doing some parenting, you prick!”

He said that he totally understood why I had the camera up, but it shouldn’t be pointing at his driveway. He was absolutely right and I told him so. When I had reviewed the camera footage I had thought exactly that and had moved it. After that we actually had quite a nice chat! I had him all wrong. He was keen to apologise for how he had reacted to me when I took the basketball to him to complain about his kids. He said he had a really bad day at work and as soon as I walked away, he regretted how he handled it because I must think he was a real arsehole.

I told him that yes I did think something like that. Best to be honest! I told him that I regretted the prick comment, mainly as it made me look a twat in front of the neighbours. So, Mark and I are now bestest buddys. We talked for about 40 minutes. Fair play to him for knocking on my door. Just as my first impression of him wasn’t good, I am sure his impression of me wasn’t great either.

Joker’s parents must have seen the video too as he hasn’t been near. The teenagers have found a new place to hang out after dark.

I finally had my text inviting me to get the booster jab. The first date available at the nearest Vacc centre was December 22nd! The Covid ward in Worcester is till full. 25 Covid positive patients. All of them haven’t had the jab. I think anyone who has not had it by now isn’t going to change their mind.

There are probably a third of customers in Tesco that still wear masks. I am one of them. I’m not at all worried about catching it but as Sue is around Covid positives, there is a good chance that she will get it, and if she gets it, I get it. Around a dozen of the staff there have tested positive. I see it as irresponsible for me not to wear a mask in shops, give Sue’s constant exposure. Hopefully enough people have now either had the jab or have some natural immunity having had the virus and we won’t get a spike in cases after Christmas.

That will do for now. Have a great weekend.

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