French Open Men’s Final

14:00 – Soderling v Nadal

In some quarters this is being seen as a grudge match. There is no love lost between these two. Taken from,

Tennis observers say Nadal is still smarting from his loss to the Swede in last year’s fourth round, especially after the pair clashed in 2007 at Wimbledon, when Soderling mimicked the Spaniard’s stalling tactics of tugging at his shorts before service, The Telegraph reported.

The exchange between the two that year revealed ill will, the newspaper said.

“I have said hello to (Soderling) seven times to his face, and he has never said hello to me,” Nadal said at the time. “I asked around the locker room; almost nobody had anything nice to say about him.”

Soderling, who styles himself as a tennis outsider and claims few close friends on the circuit, dismissed Nadal’s sniping at him through the press, saying, “Personally, if I have a problem with a player I go and talk to him face to face.”


Rankings are 7 and 2. Head to head are 3-2 to Nadal.

Soderling has beaten Nadal in their last 2 matches. It can be argued that Nadal was suffering with injury and personal problems when Soderling beat him in last year’s French Open. In the ATP finals in London Soderling again beat the Spaniard who was well below par.

In a press conference Nadal said he isn’t looking for revenge today but I would think it would be a small cherry on the cake to beat Soderling whilst taking back his Roland Garros crown.

Soderling had a tough semi against Berdych. In the end it was the Swede who was better able to deal with the pressure of the situation. Berdych’s serve fell apart in the final set.

Nadal hasnt played his best tennis in these championships. He was better against Melzer in the semi final and will look to reach his peak this afternoon. There were flashes of the brilliance that we used to take for granted from him.

Nadal is at 1.30 on Betfair. If Nadal was at his best I would be backing him from the start but I can see Soderling taking the first set and maybe more.

You could lay Nadal from the start but will get a better laying price ifyou wait for Nadal to get the first break or to win the first set. Normally its an easy call in a Nadal match on clay but there are enough doubts in my mind that Nadal will take this.

I won’t be jumping in too soon and will wait to see how the first set develops. Scalping may be  a safer way to trade it especially if there are a few swings in price.

Update: In the final last year, having played superb tennis to get to that stage Soderling was poor against Fed. I thought that he would be better able to deal with the situation this time around but it proved not to be the case.

Nadal played better than he has all fortnight and served really well. Soderling was having to hit so wide to get the ball away from Nadal that he was being forced into trying to hit the lines on every shot.

In the end quite a one sided final and the win takes Nadal back to the World number 1  spot.

Not a great profit from this one. I stayed out so I could see who was playing better. in the early games I was thinking Nadal had more chance of breaking serve and was going to back him when Soderling served the perfect game to win to love.

In Soderling’s next service game Nadal moved to 0-30 and I backed him with half stake. When he completed the break i backed him with the other half. I greened up at the end of the set. I would have let it run but we were having a huge thunder and lightening storm and I was worried that the power may go off.

Still, green is green  🙂

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