GDF Suez Grand Prix – Final

12:45 – Schnyder v Szavay

Rankings are 56 and 49. Head to heads are 1-1.

We have a repeat of last year’s final which went to Szavay in three sets.

Szavay has served reasonably well this week with 77% of first serves in. Her second serve has been weaker though with her winning just 40% with her second serve.

Schnyder continues to blow hot and cold. At times this  week she has been brilliant and at others she has been terrible. She has served an excellent 69% of first serves in and her second serve has won her the point 50% of the time.

Schnyder has saved 80% of break points against her.

The big difference in the stats comes on receiving serve. Schnyder has won 40% of points when receiving a first serve to Szavay’s 49%. When receiving a second serve its 52% and 63% respectively.

Szavay is defending champion and playing infront of her home crowd. Interestingly this year whenever a  defending champion has reached the final she has won it.

Szavay has been the more consistent player this week although has had lapses in the middle of second sets. I expect her to win today.

Scalping or 15-40 or if you’re feeling brave, back Szavay from the start to green up after the first set. Make sure you have a strategy ready for if it goes against you.

Update: Never really in doubt apart from the last couple of games.

Szavay won 6-2, 6-4.

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