Guangzhou International – Thur

Bit late with this one but……

9:30 – Medina Garrigues v Sevastova

Looks a good one for 15-40. MG should win but she is starting at 1.67 so there is plenty of room for the price tomove around. There are 72 plaves between these 2 in the rankings.

MG struggles a little in the last match so she doesn’t seem to be in top form.

If MG gets ahead, let aback bet run to the end of the set.

I’ll post on the Qeubec tournament when I havefinished trading this one.

Update: Well, that was the kiss of death! The game still hasn’t started 90 minutes after it was due to and the price on MG has dropped to below 1.20 so  I guess her opponent is injured.  Thats a waste of an hour and a half 🙁

Update to the update. Cock up on my part! I didnt think bet365 was covering this match but I was wrong. The WTA scoreboard still has no score which is poor to think that MG is the top seed.

I should have stayed in bed today…. 🙁

Or maybe not. I don’t mind looking a pratt sometimes as long as I am in profit 🙂

Medina Garrigues seemed unable to hold serve in the second and third sets. Poor show from the number 1 seed.

Net profit £160

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