Heineken Open – Wednesday night

22:00 Lammer v Montanes


Montanes is ranked 31. Lammer has no ranking. Head to head is 1-0 to Montanes which was on clay.


Lammer looked quite good in his 4 games against Ferrero. Montanes is happier on clay and was taken to a tie break in the opening set last night.


Even so, Montanes is favourite tonight but if he has another slow start then Lammer has a chance to take at least the first set. His serve could be his downfall if the set is close and the Spaniard’s experience will bring him through.


Its a little risky to back Montanes from the start. He’ll play things a little safe in the opening games and it could be a long close set. This is a game to watch the opening games and see who impresses the most.


If Montanes can come through the first set ahead then Lammer’s head may drop a little. However I recommend as always  that you green up at the end of the set.


Montanes to win in straight sets. ( after a scare in the first!)


Update: Montanes did start slowly and lost his serve. However he came back strong and won the match 6-3, 6-3.



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