Help requested from experienced pre race traders.

Ok this might be a bit cheeky but sometimes if you don’t ask you don’t get!

I have seen a technique on youtube posted by a couple of traders but there is no explanation. I have had a play on training mode on the Toy and would appreciate some feedback from you pre race guys.

Video HERE




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2 thoughts on “Help requested from experienced pre race traders.”

  1. I believe that technique is trading between the resistance see in the graphs where the backers start to see value and when the price is higher they back the favorite. the same with those who lay the horse. it works best in the last 3 minutes before the off time when all the big bets have been placed.

    1. I think as you get nearer to the start traders can get more desperate to get out of positions and the resistance points are more likely to be broken. Thanks for the comment though. Everything helps 🙂

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