Internazionali femminili di tennis di Palermo – Final

18:30 – Pennetta v Kanepi

Rankings are 12 and 38. Head to heads are 3-2 to Pennetta.

Pennetta has yet to lose a set this week. She has looked impressive and is on track to defend her title.

Kenepi has also not lost a set this week. She has looked very strong but in her semi final she really struggled at the start. Her serve was terrible and it looked like she was in trouble when she lost her opening service game to love. As the match continued she started to play a little better and came through.

If Kanepi has sorted out whatever her problems were with serve then this could be a close match. Without her serve she has no chance.

Home advantage  will give Pennetta a boost and I expect her to take the title again here.

Scalping is an option or you could back Pennetta from the start. If you choose the latter option then make sure you have a strategy for if the games goes against you. Check out the members page of TradeShark Tennis for advice.

Update: Kanepi again started slowly and lost her serve in the first game. Pennetta raced to a 3-0 lead. Pennetta then started making some simple errors and Kanepi came alive. Kanepi won the set.

Pennetta doesn’t handle being behind very well and she allowed Kanepi to dominate. Neither player was particulary solid especially on serve but it was Kanepi who  came through to win 6-4, 6-3.

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