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The new tennis season starts in the first week of January. The tennis season is a long one. The main tours usually finish at the end of October but there are then Challenger events that run into December.

The Trading Guide has been developed over the last 10 years and is an excellent way to get started with tennis trading on Betfair. You can get it for a low one-time payment but that doesn’t mean that once you have bought it that you are left to learn on your own. A massive part of the service is the unlimited support from me.

In June 2021 we launched the Tennis Profits service. I get a lot of emails asking what the difference is between TradeShark Tennis and Tennis Profits.

Tennis Profits has some of the Trading Guide plus a stats database that is excellent for researching your own matches. In 2022 we will be adding in play stats and trading prompts to help you make your trading decisions during a match. Tennis Profits is a monthly subscription service.

TradeShark Tennis is perfect for new tennis traders. There is everything that the new trader needs to know. Even if you have experience of trading other sports, you will find the guide useful as most sports are different. There are certainly very few similarities between trading tennis and trading football or racing.

There is also a Trading Tips email service. Every day I write my trading notes for every main tour tennis match. They include stats, info and my intended entry points. I email these to subscribers. These have been going for several years now and are extremely useful once you have a little trading experience.

There is a Bundle offer of the Trading Guide plus 2 months of the Trading Tips emails. You can select this offer on the Trading Guide website.

The Trading Tips emails are £20 per month or you can get them for 12 months for £170. That is a £50 saving compared to 11 months at £20, although you’re now saving more as there are Challenger matches during December!

Also, check out the Tennis Profits service at

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