Kremlin Cup – Thur

10:00 – Kirilenko v Wozniak

Rankings are 61 and 31. They have never met.

Wozniak reached the quarter final last week in Japan. Kirilenko beat Radwanska yesterday.

The market has them pretty even which seems about right to me.  The way things are going this week its hard to predict a winner but if my arm was twisted, Kirilenko slightly edges it if she can continue her form from yesterday.

Safer to use the 15-40. I would be wary of letting a back bet run on either player as this could be very close.

Update: Kirilenko did continue as she left off yesterday and won 6-4, 6-3

16:30 – Safin v Korolev

Rankings are 76 and 51. They have never met.

Safin, surprisingly, beat Davydenko yesterday. Maybe Davy was struggling to get motivated having beaten Nadal in the final a few days before but even so that was a great result for Safin.

Korolev hasn’t had a bad season but plays a few of the Challenger Tour events to give himself more chance of prize money.

This could be a close match but if  Safin plays like he did yesterday he will progress to the next round.

Back Safin on serve.

Update: Typical Safin. Plays a great match to beat Davydenko but must have tired himself out. Very ordinary today and Korolev won 6-4, 7-6.

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