Legg Mason – Semi Finals

All todays matches seem to be on bet365. The mens also have live pics on the site.

Gonzalez v Del Potro

Rankings are 11 and 6 and Gonzalez has won all their previous 3 meetings. The market has them at 2.32 and 1.74 .

Gonzalez looked quite impressive in last night’s match and seems on the top of his game. Del Potro had the easiest quarter final of his life when Soderling dropped out. So he may be more rested than is opponent but is that enough? Their last meeting wast 2 years ago and both men have improved a great deal since then.

Tough to pick a winner between these 2 and semis and finals are always tougher to call anyway. So scalping is the safest way to trade this. 15-40 will bring a profit too but not sure how many chances there will be for that strategy.

Gonzalez hasn’t dropped a set this week whereas DP has been taken to 3 in each round. For that reason, Gonzalez would be my pick to win in 2 tight, serve dominated sets.


Update: The first set went pretty much as expected. Several swings and Gonzalez had at least 2 set points at 6-5. He looked the most likely to win the match at that stage. But DP came back and moved to 5-2 up in the tie break. At that point Gonzalez gave up. he looked like he wasnt interested and lost the tie break. he then went 5-0 down in the 2nd set. His body language was terrible. DP won the 2nd set 6-3. Gonzalez is a player who you would expect to fight to the very last point. there was speculation by the commentators that maybe he was ill. He did take a couple of falls during the match but didnt appear to have been badly injured.

The match did contain one of the wierdest points I have ever seen. DP was serving and he hit a good one that Gonzalez was stretching to return. he just got to it and managed to hit a high, sliced return that only just made it over the net. Because of the backspin on the ball, it bounced back over the net making it impossible for DP ro reach!