Live Tennis Chat Sessions – update

Ok there seems to be some interest in these sessions judging by the emails, PM’s and comments on here and also the forum. Certainly enough for us to give them a go.

What I will be looking to do is after the first few to make them just for TradesharkTennis members and probably accessed via a chat room on the members site. Thats not to make money from it as there is no extra charge to members but it would be unfair to discuss in great detail any of the strategies from the site when some of you have paid for them and some haven’t.

Anyway, to find out what times are best let me suggest 2 for over the weekend. These will be the times unless I get enough feedback that they aren’t suitable and/or suggesting better ones.

Saturday lunchtime 12:00

Sunday evening 19:00

Feedback would be appreciated 🙂

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