London Olympics – Men’s Final

Here we are again. Federer against Murray on Centre Court.

Murray played the match of his life to beat Djokovic in the semi final. Lower ranked players are capable of producing great performances but then more often than not their next match is a “let down” performance. The truly great players can produce that level for a sustained period. Today he needs another of at least the same standard to beat Federer.

Something in Federer’s favour is the fact that even though the rest of the tournament has been played as best of 3 sets the format for the final changes to best of 5. I really don’t understand why that is the case and my personal opinion is that the format should remain the same throughout an entire tournament.

They have met 3 times in a best of 5 match. The set score is 9-1 to Federer. In the Wimbledon final Murray took the opening set and came very close in the second.

In terms of their levels of play this match can go either way. This match will be won or lost in the players’ heads. In the past Murray has been weak mentally. The Wimbledon Final experience did him the world of good. Whether it’s Lendl’s influence or not ( I believe it is) Murray has finally worked out that playing aggressively is his best tactic. He has also spent a lot of time making his serve more consistent. His serve was a  huge factor in his win over Djokivic.

It’s a while since Federer experienced something new on a tennis court. Today is his one and only chance to take an Olympic singles gold. He may be nervous in the early games but the 5 sets allow  him time to compose himself. Even though Murray is playing the best tennis of his life I’m not sure it will be enough. Federer is the complete package. He has more relevant experience to draw on. Murray is still building his armoury. It will be one hell off a match though!

Hopefully the whole match will be played with the roof open. Federer is accepted as being the best player indoors although they are 2-2 in matches played inside.

Hopefully Murray can take the opening set as that will intensify the atmosphere even more.

Federer in 5 sets.

Update: Not only did Murray deal with the occasion better he won in straight sets! I defy anyone to say they expected 3-0 to Murray. Federer was well below his best but Murray played extremely well and made very few errors. The crowd played their part too. Fantastic performance for Britain and especially for Scotland.

Anyone who still thinks Murray can’t win a major hasn’t seen him play this week.

Murray won 6-2, 6-1, 6-4.


In the bronze medal match Djokovic leads the head to heads 4-1. Del Potro’s win came in their last match when Djokovic retired. Djokovic’s price still looks low and I’ll be waiting for higher.

Update: Djokovic didn’t care about this match.

Del Potro won 7-5, 6-4.

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