Matches in Australia for Thursday night/Friday morning

This will be a busy night. All yesterday’s matches will start at the same time tonight. That is because they will have to play another match tonight to catch up having lost a full day’s play.

If I can stay awake I’ll send an email out to Trading Tips subscribers with the second lot of matches but bear in mind there won’t be much time to get them all done. I probably won’t bother with the ATP Cup matches as they often change the players just before the match.  

With the Australian Open starting on Monday (Sunday night) the players won’t be keen to play 2 matches in the same day. It really saps the energy levels and it takes longer to recover.   My best guess is that they will play the first matches to win but might try to cruise/tank the second match. I think it is more likely that the top players will withdraw from a match rather than tank it.  

The WTA matches will not have a normal 3rd set. it will be replaced by a match tie break. Same rules as a normal tie break except it will be the first to 10 points. I have not heard that they are doing the same on the men’s matches but if you check the scoreboard on Bet365 there will be a message above the scoreboard with any change of rules  

Be careful out there!

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