Monday’s match picks

As the Betfair API seems to be still having problems there seems little point suggesting matches to trade.


I have checked the early games and the liquidity is poor on all except the first one at 10am which has just over 50K.


Obviously no one is going to put their money into a market that they won’t be able to trade properly. The betfair website just doesn’t compare to a trading application.


I have most of the day off so will check the situation around midday and post some matches if the API seems to be sorted.


Update at midday: The API keeps coming back up but stays for a few minutes before failing again. i’d advise you not to use an API product until the service is fixed. You do so at your own risk.


 There are games schedules for most of the day with the tournament in Chile giving us some late matches. Fingers crossed that they get this sorted.



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