Mubadala Exhibition 27th to 29th December

The latest event that Nadal has withdrawn from, the Mubadala exhibition gives a few players a chance to get some semi competitive matches in before the season starts on Sunday.

Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer, Berdych, Tipsarevic and Almagro are the players. The start of the season is always difficult to predict and a pre-season exhibition is even more random. We don’t know what has been cooked up between the players.

I’ll probably have a look at the matches and if the liquidity seems ok I may get involved with reduced stakes. Thursday’s matches are Murray v Tipsarevic and Ferrer v Berdych. I’m not too keen to back Murray at 1.27 but if he goes a break down he’s worth a back.

The Ferrer v Berdych match is likely to be more competitive. I can’t see Ferrer being happy to do anything other than try to win. He’s at 1.56 which is again too low but I will look to get on him at a higher price early in the match.

Remember if you get involved that I recommend reduced stakes but these matches could provide a chance to get gently back into the swing before Brisbane starts. It’s worth noting that Murray is defending champion in Brisbane having beaten Dolgopolov in the final.

Update: Having seen the way Murray and Tipsarevic started their match I didn’t get involved. I was surprised that The match didn’t g to 3 sets as I can’t see the organisers being happy to lose the Olympic champ and US Open champ after just 1 match although perhaps thats all they paid for. The potential final of Murray v Djokovic would have increased ticket sales but this was a match that demonstrates why it isn’t a good plan to trade these at all  but if you do then use smaller stakes.

Ferrer beat Berdych easily in straight sets.

Friday’s matches saw Djokovic walk all over Ferrer to win 6-0, 6-3. The tournament finally got its first 3 setter as Almagro came back from 1 set down to beat Tipsarevic.

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