Mubadala World Tennis Exhibition

You have to be very careful with exhibition matches as you never know who is taking it seriously ( if anyone ).

Of the players involved I would pick Baghdatis as being more likely to mess about and play up to the crowd. However the new season starts on Sunday night so this could be a useful event to complete their preparation.

Berdych didn’t have a great season after a promising start so I think he will be trying to do well here to improve his confidence for Brisbane.

Tsonga struggled with injury and is very short of recent match practice. He will also be keen to do well but even a semi-motivated Soderling should take that match.

Liquidity isn’t too bad. There is over 50K matched on the Baggy / Berdych game with 2 hours to go.

Trade them carefully with reduce stakes. Remember  they have been through their preseason training.  I could be wrong but I feel they will have hit so many serves in practice that the big servers’ “muscle memory” will be finely tuned. I therefore expect both Berdych and Soderling to serve well. Baggy and Tsonga are harder to predict. Baggy because of a potentially poor attitude and Tsonga because his fitness is suspect.

The games are on at 11:00 and 12:15 GMT.

Update: It was clear from the start that all the players are taking this event very seriously. Liquidity was excellent.

As expected the opening set of each match went with the big server.

In the Berdych v Baghdatis match Berdych took the first set and was soon a break up in the second. Baghdatis broke back and won the next 3 games to take the set. In the third set Berdych again won an early break but towards the end of the set Baggy broke back and was serving at 5-6. It looked like we were heading for a tie break as Baggy was in control of his service game but Berdych pulled back to deuce. At match point to Berdych Baghdatis had a relatively straight forward high volley which he missed to hand the match to Berdych.

In the Soderling v Tsonga match it was the Swede who took the opening set. Tsonga wasn’t able to cope with his opponent’s serve

In the second set Tsonga’s game improved but neither player could break serve. The Frenchman took the set in a tie break. In the third set it was one way traffic with Soderling taking it 6-1.

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