First round picks

Loads of games around but always look for the ones with more than 50K matched before the game starts.

Almagro v Monaco

Haed to hed is 2-1 to Almagro. He hasn’t been playing well so far this season and the market has him at 1.76  . Expect a close match, ideal fopr the 15-40 method. Think Monaco could nick this one.

Update: Well I did call a close match! 3 tie breaks! Almagro nicked it in the final set 8-6

Kohlschreiber v Serra

Kohlschreiber seems way too low at 1.24

He should win but i think this one will be a little closer than the market suggests. if you’re comfortable with laying the favourite and greening up after 10-15 ticks then this is one for you.

Update: Kohlschreiber ended up winning quite easily 7-6, 6-1, 6-4 although he was 0-4 down in the first set so anyone laying him from the start could have nicked 50 points or so. I got out with 32 ticks profit so not a bad start to Wimbledon!

Wimbledon starts tomorrow!

That time of year again!

This year perhaps more than any other a British player has a realistic chance of winning the Men’s competition.

I’ll check the liquidity on the first round matches and post a couple of suggestions in the morning.

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