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Andria Challenger, Quarter Final: Baldi v Marchenko

Due to start at 7 pm.

Baldi 1.80, Marchenko 2.14

This will be their first meeting.

Stronger results for Baldi in 2018 and a much higher ROI.

Marchenko hasn’t had a good season but has found some late form. He reached the quarter finals of the hard court Challenger in Almaty at the start of October. He was a qualifier that week. He retired from his semi final when he was a set a a break behind. He has come through the qualifying rounds again this week.



Baldi has not lost a set so far this week. He wasn’t broken in the last round against Setkic. In October he reached a quarter final and a semi final on clay and won the title in Ismaning, Germany on carpet 5 weeks ago.

Stats for the week favour Marchenko. We are unlikely to see many breaks of serve. I give a slight edge to Baldi ton win in 3 sets.

Back Baldi around 2.00

Update: Great match! Baldi won 6-2, 2-6, 7-5.  He was 3-1 down in that final set.

Trading Advice

Andria Challenger: Marcora v Lorenzi

Due to start at 6 pm.

Marcora 2.84, Lorenzi 1.51

Lorenzi has won both their previous matches. 2-0. The last time they played was in a clay Challenger in Colombia in September 2015. He won in straight sets. Both their matches were on clay in 2015.

Marcora has a better win percentage this year. He won 66% of his matches compared to 51% for Lorenzi

Paolo Lorenzi

Paolo Lorenzi

Lorenzi played a strong match in the last round. He saved the 4 break points that he faced against Pellegrino. He has only played 9 matches on carpet and won 2 of them.

Marcora served fairly well in the last round. He has played 5 main draw matches on carpet in his career. He won 2 of them.

Back Lorenzi around 1.75


Trading Advice
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