Pilot Pen Tennis – Fri

Mens Semis

Andreev v Verdasco

Rankings are 30 and 10 and the head to head is 3-1 to Verdasco, although Andreev won their last meeting in last years US Open.

Verdasco is currently 1.32 on BF.

He tops the league table for First Serve % at 72% and wins 85% of his service games. He has cruised through this week and the closest he has come to losing a set was a tie break against Seppi.

Andreev was taken to 3 sets yeasterday in  a match that he really should have won easily.

Definately back Verdasco’s service games. If Andreev can keep it close in the first set it will keep Verdasco’s price around 1.30 to 1.45ish and enable us to profit from more of Verdasco’s service games.

Would be VERY surprised if Verdasco doesn’t reach the final.



Querrey v Acasuso

Rankings are 23 and 52. Head to head is 1-0 to Querrey but that was back in 2007.

Querrey is currently 1.35 on BF.

He surprised me yesterday by beating an inform Davydenko. He is winning 86% of service games but his first serve % is low at 59.

That will give Acasuso an outside chance if Querrey’s serve breaks down but it isn’t likely this week.  Acasuso wins a respectable 50% of points when receiving a second serve.

Similar to the other semi, back Querrey’s serves and hope that Acasuso can keep in touch in the first set.


3 thoughts on “Pilot Pen Tennis – Fri”

  1. Hello mate , I was wondering if we could exchange links?


    By the way Querrey leads the head to head 2 – 0 against Acasuso – He beat him in the Aussie Open and also on Carpet in Paris late 2007.
    Many Thanks and good luck

  2. Hi Paul,

    I keep meaning to get some other blogs links on here. I’ll try to figure it out. Will definately put you on there.

    Hmm, I stand corrected 🙂 Was the Paris match a qualifier?
    Edit: Having checked, you’re right about the Paris match but i don’t include qualifying rounds. Just habit I guess. Good spot though 😉


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