Player retirement – Some you win, some you lose…….

Players retiring before the end of a match aren’t that uncommon however as we don’t trade every match we are unlucky if we get caught by one. Even then its rare for the player who is leading to be the one who quits. I have only seen it a couple of times.

In the early hours of this morning I started trading the Petrova/Czink match. Petrova was a strong favourite but Czink seemed to be holding serve a little easier. I had backed Petrova from the start hoping for an early break so I could green up and go to bed. But the set went to a tie break. Czink took a lead and I switched the green over to her when she reached 4-1. Petrova came back but Czink held on to take the set.

I was trading using only the bet365 scoreboard and was surprised for a second or 2 to see Czink’s price start to tumble. As she reached 1.20 I thought that Petrova muct be injured and prepared to take advantage of the low price incase it wasn’t as bad as the traders seemed to think it was. However the price kept falling and when it hit 1.06 I figured it was all over.

But do I get paid? In this case since the first set was completed Befair paid out. As I was left with a green of £200 on Czink that was a great end to the day ( or a good start to this one)

The ruling is that if the first set is NOT completed then all bets are void.


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