Product pricing from January 1st 2015

I have had a few questions after my post on VAT changes. I am amazed that even though these changes come into force in little more than a month I have only seen 1 other person mention it. Maybe people are thinking they can ignore them and hope not to get caught.

From January anyone selling digitally delivered products must charge VAT at the rate in the customer’s country. This is for sales to customers in EU countries. The turnover threshold currently in place will be removed. The zero threshold is a joke but we’re stuck with it. Hopefully after a year they will realise their mistake and a threshold will be put in place.


The only product/service where I will be paying the VAT myself will be the Shark Tips service so the price is kept virtually the same. For this reason the yearly subs (currently only available to existing subscribers and Tradeshark members) and the 6 month subs will only be in place until I switch over to Clickbank. I am in the process of setting up the Clickbank pages and Paypal will be a payment option.


For clarity the prices will be as follows:

Trading Guide and membership (one time payment) –  £29 + vat

Bundle offer (Trading Guide plus 1 month of Shark Tips) – £39 + vat

Shark Tips betting tips (monthly) – £16.70 + vat    (the 7 day subscription won’t be available)

Wins a Set list (monthly) – £10 + vat


I will be making the switch to the Clickbank pages some time in December to make sure everything is in place for January. If you were thinking of buying the Guide, Bundle or multiple months of Shark Tips please buy before the switch to avoid paying VAT.

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