Serena Williams is a great player but is also a bully.

She plays the victim when she gets caught out. Here is my 2 cents on what happened at the US Open Final.

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5 thoughts on “Serena Williams is a great player but is also a bully.”

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    TennisTrend Nostradamus

    Spot on.
    She’s a bully through and through.
    The other one that sealed it for me was the 2011 US Open final against Stosur. She mistimed her verbal intimidation of her opponent, letting out a ‘come on’ too early causing her to lose a point (that would’ve been a winner).
    Cue Serena’s histrionics.

    Nice blog.
    Surprised you didn’t oppose Serena at the odds though. Osaka has a complete game and moves better than the bully. Having said that, if Serena’s serve is on (and all that follows from that) she beats anyone!

    How good is the unpredictable nature of sports!

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      I actually thought that if Osaka got into the lead that the crowd would be all over her and affect her concentration. Proved me wrong (Osaka, not the crowd)

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    I love your two pennies worth! And I pretty much feel the same way you do axbput Serena…she has shown hers of to be a bully miltiple times. And as an American I have to say I am embarrassed how the crowd behaved.
    Osaka is the true champion.

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    In USOPEN 2009 the “I’ll shove this racket down your throat” comment to the lineswoman eventually contributed to Serena losing the match. In 2011 her relentless grousing at umpire Eva Asderaka contributed to her loss to Sam Stouser. Fast forward to Saturday and her outrageous rants at Carlos Ramon contributed to her loss to Osaka. At one point Serena asked rhetorically, “Is this some coincidence at the USOPEN.” It would almost have been humorous if her bullying didn’t deprive those tennis players the pure joy in victory they deserved. It was especially awful to see how 20 year old Naomi Osaka reacted to having her greatest moment sullied by Serena’s temper tantrum. Big deal she told the crowd to stop booing, she perpetrated the whole ugly mess. It was like calling the fire department after you start the fire.

    Serena might have rallied in each of these three matches if she had maintained her focus on her game because she is a fabulous tennis player. In all three matches she was getting whipped by her opponent when the wheels came off.

    If your looking for the role model that Serena apparently seeks to be you mifght be better served by choosing her sister. Venus has been a fierce competitor and classy champion forever.

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    It was interesting looking back at the “I’ll shove this fucking ball down your throat” incident that when the referee was called ( same guy as was called on Saturday ), that when the linesjudge said Serena threatened to kill her Serena responded with, ” plenty of other players have said a lot worse”.


    It is also a standard response from her to demand an apology. After a tough win over Safarova a reporter asked her to comment on the fact that it was a scrappy match with lots of errors she once again demanded an apology which the guy meekly gave. She is used to bullying people and getting what she wants.

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