Shark Tips – Friday 27th Jan

I will look at the Maui Challenger a little later


ATP Australian Open

08:30 – Nadal v Dimitrov

Set betting: Back “Nadal 3-1”,  0.5 units @ 3.8 (curr 3.85)

Update: Nadal won in 5 sets. He was 2-1 up and the 4th set went to a tie break. Close one!


Rennes Challenger

17:45 – Ignatik v Mathieu

Back Ignatik 1 unit @ 2.10 (curr 2.06)

I think he could open at 2.20 but I don’t want to miss the boat if the pick turns out to be correct. Hardly any money in the market but once people research this match up they will be going for Ignatik prematch

Update: Ignatik won in 2 sets.


Rennes Challenger

19:45 – Gabashvili v Bourgue

Back Gabashvili 1 unit @ 1.80 (curr 1.72)

Update: Bourgue won in 2 sets




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