Skype testing

Around 50 people have registered for the Skype sessions which in encouraging.


People seem to have a lot of questions about it so these can be covered in the Chat session on Sunday ( 7pm GMT) in the forum’s chat room. ( not the shoutbox )


If anyone hasn’t seen the price list there is one on the members area Skype page. there is also a Skype training thread on the forum with the price list. Prices are the ones we will be starting with. I have had some feedback that the prices seem fair ( which probably means they are cheap!) but they are the starting point.


Earlier in the day i will be looking to run a few tests so if you’re around please login to Skype and I may call upon you. They will only be for  a few minutes.   Its all very straight forward but would be interested to see if there is much lag ( I dont expect there to be), how many we can get connected at once, how I can set up my screen so I can see if people type questions etc etc etc.


It should improve the professionalism of the sessions if we iron out any glitches prior to January rather than sorting things out when people are paying – I know that would irritate ME!


I won’t be available on Saturday as I am driving up to Yorkshire.


Will talk to some of you on Sunday 🙂



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    1. The liquidity is very low so have left it alone. The traders don’t seem too interested in this one 🙂

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