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I have been thinking about the Skype question sessions. The response I received was all positive but there just weren’t many replies. Maybe people were put off by the fact that I was going to post the sessions on YouTube. As an alternative idea, what about if you have a … Continue reading

WTA Bogota, Second Round: Bogdan v Sorribes Tormo

Due to start at 6:30 pm Bogdan 2.92, Sorribes Tormo 1.50 They have played twice before and won one match each.  Their most recent match was in Monterrey in April 2018. Bogdan won in straight sets on a hard court. Sorribes Tormo won on clay in 2016 when Bogdan retired … Continue reading

WTA Miami Open, Final: Barty v Pliskova

Due to start at 5 pm Barty 1.90, Pliskova 2.10 Head to head results are 2-2. They last met at the US Open last August. Pliskova won on a hard court in 2 sets.  Barty won their other hard court match in September 2017. She won in a third set … Continue reading

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