Tennis Insight is back soon!

I have tried to take a break from all things trading and haven’t been on twitter  as tilogomuch as normal. Last night I clicked on the Tennis Insight link that pops up on google as one of my most regularly visited pages. I have done this a couple of times since they closed the site down and expected to see the same announcement.

Not this time! They seem to have sorted their issues and the site will be back before the end of 2014.



“TennisInsight will be back online soon! We’ll be relaunching the site before the end of the year and the commencement of the 2015 tennis season.

Having the site offline was regrettable and we do apologise for the inconvenience. The good news is that over the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing and embracing all of the feedback from the community and have taken the time to focus in on what we hope you will all agree is important.

Our key areas of focus now and in the immediate future are:

  • Providing flexibility of access to TennisInsight including alternative layouts and data feeds
  • Ongoing tweaking of the new design and User Experience inline with community desires
  • Significantly Improving load times and reliability
  • Tighter security for all users and their data
  • New functionality including Bankroll waging and Exotic tipping
  • a Centralised support system that allows us to respond faster and more reliability your needs

We’ll be getting more specific about the above in the coming days as we prepare the site for relaunch.

We’re committed to growing the Tennis Insight community and are looking forward to an exciting New Year of tennis in 2015!
The TI Crew.”


Great news as far as I am concerned as there are stats available on their site that I have struggled to find elsewhere. In particular checking certain trends in a players history can be done in seconds on TI but is very time consuming to do on other sites. Very important when checking a lot of matches.


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