Tennis traders missed an opportunity – Epic fail

How many times do you hear traders moaning about Betfair? They say that customer service is bad. The site/API keep going down or is unstable. Oh yes and the biggie. The premium charge is SO unfair.

Monday night tennis traders had a perfect opportunity to send a message to Betfair. Betfair decided that tennis is less important than other sports and the best time to shut down their service for 10 hours was from the exact moment that the first tennis match started. If those people who would have traded on Betfair had moved their trades over to Betdaq, even if it was for just one night, then Betfair would have had to take at least some notice. We even had identical trading software to that used by so many traders on Betfair. The Geek has just released a Betdaq version.

So did the traders grasp the opportunity? Did they flock over to Betdaq to make some money and stick the middle finger up to Betfair?

Did they fuck.

They went to bed. Yet to read their comments in the Betfair forum day after day about how they wish there was an alternative to Betfair as they treat us so badly you would think they would have the intelligence to spot an opportunity.

Next time you see some gobby twat mouthing off about how shit Betfair is ask them if they moved over to Betdaq even for 1 night. No doubt they will have a good reason why they didn’t  but I would suggest that the real reason most couldn’t be bothered was that they expect other people to do the work for them. Sure they will move over to betdaq when the liquidity is at similar levels to Betfair.

Its just a pity that they can’t get their tiny minds around the idea that if we all sit on our hands waiting for someone else to sort our problems we will be waiting a long long time.

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7 thoughts on “Tennis traders missed an opportunity – Epic fail”

  1. How many fulltime tennis traders are out in wildlife? For the part-timers it’s not possible to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and trade before going to work. The most liquidity on Betdaq comes from crossmatching bots over the Betfair exchange. I spot it every day on the greyhounds where the money comes in, 90 seconds before the off and it moves 100% in the same manner how it moves on Betfair.
    There’s a very long journey for Betdaq and of course the customers.

    1. Hi Catweazle,
      There are actually a surprising number of full timers in tennis trading. Ofcourse the part timers weren’t able to be there but the people who normally manage to trade over night on Betfair were nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t just that liquidity was poor. On some matches there just wasn’t any.

  2. i lost some hours in night searching ANYTHING to trade, but in betdaq it was so dead market that i was surprised, traders suck and love bf with their charges and downtimes and unexpected issues.

    some super matches to trade i lost… like wozniacki – cibulkova with many rollercoasters, bf was down and betdaq was matched even live… 900 GBP….. lol

  3. Can´t agree more with the above comment – It was absolutely dead, the majority of tennis matches had only 5K matched, huge gaps and no opportunity to trade off at decent prices. I´m actually glad I turned up, I really expected a lot more turnover especially after all the touting by TS and Centre Court Blog, – both have comments on their blog about it this morning – but we only have ourselves to blame really………

    So back to normal tonight then…..

  4. Personally I have always found the liquidity on the Aussie Open a bit poor anyway unless it is the evening matches. But I agree with TS that this was an opportunity missed as far as finding an alternative to BF. No-one has the right to moan about charges, unreliable service etc if they are not willing to go elsewhere and just maybe BF know it?

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