The TTL’s rip off of the 15-40 – the video

Tradesharktennis members can decide for themselves. The rip off copy from Patrick Ross  is now on the video page.

I’d be interested in your views

I’m also considering putting the rest of their strategies on the members area. If people insist on buying it they may as well save a few quid. Why pay £67 when you can get it here for £29?  Plus ofcourse you still get all my content – strategies, videos, chat, forum, support, skype one to one training sessions or group sessions etc etc etc

You won’t find better quality than that now will you?  🙂

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1 thought on “The TTL’s rip off of the 15-40 – the video”

  1. What a piss take mate,just made himself look a knob.All credibility he did have if any has now gone, blatant rip.

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