Tips service in May

A poor month on the tips resulting in a 8.59 points loss.

Strangely the WTA tips showed a profit of 6.59 points and I like to think I know the mens game better than the women.

The results can be downloaded from HERE

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4 thoughts on “Tips service in May”

  1. as usually lost month, since you started “paid tips” a half year ago, I wonder how could we believe that you are a pro trader… hahaha

    your total loss after 5 months is like a long term loss, so you aren’t a pro trader. For sure.

    1. You don’t know the difference between trading and punting do you? Thanks for the comment. Hearing from idiots always makes my day.

      1. hm… so you are the biggest looser as a trader and as a punter – BEST LOOSER EVER! 😀

        funny when you wrote “I would even pay for Geeks toy” and next day it become paid. What a coincidence 😆

        1. Looser? I think you mean “loser”. Your English is poor. You have nothing better to do than leave abusive comments on blogs? What has the geeks toy got to do with anything? Your points don’t mean anything. They have no logic. You’re drawing conclusions about things with no proof either way.
          Goes without saying that any further abusive comments will be deleted.
          Have a really nice day. You deserve it. The nurse will be round with your medication shortly.

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