TradeShark Diary, 12th February 2021

It has been a pretty decent week so far. Grand slam first rounds are always busy. 128 matches over 2 days to research and write up for the trading tips emails. As there were 6 tournaments last week it meant a lot of very busy days and late nights and the cumulative fatigue meant that I was knackered when I got out of bed. All good fun though. The number of matches drops off nicely after the first round. The matches have been great to trade although last night and this morning threw up some testing situations.

In the WTA last night we had Hsieh v Errani. I expected a few breaks of serve which was correct but the quality of the tennis was unbelievably bad. Laying the server was all very well but to get the really big price moves they occasionally need to hold after they have broken. I caught plenty of breaks but trying to stay in for the hold was a nightmare. Neither player could build up any momentum. It was very tough to decide which way the games were going to go and I ended up with around £125 red. I was going to just walk away and take the hit but I got back in and got the loss down to 23 which I saw as a good result.

Serena struggled against Potapova in the first set. She was very poor on second serve but I kept faith in her. She recovered from being a break behind twice and took the set in a tie break. I took the profit and went to bed. When I got up this morning I looked at the Thiem v Kyrgios match. Thiem didn’t look good and I couldn’t decide if he was sick. Maybe he was trying to zone out from the noisy Aussie crowd. Whatever it was he was below his best and Kyrgios was playing well. I laid Kyrgios when he was 2 sets up.

Then it was Djokovic. He had hurt himself during his match with Fritz. The market seemed to think he was going to quit. I backed Fritz who took the third set. The market was all over the place. When it was time for the crowd to go home to comply with the new lockdown the crowd initially refused to leave but the match was suspended and would not resume until they had left. This gave Djokovic a chance to rest and get some treatment. The market expected him to be better in the last set and there were some nice trades to be had while the match was suspended.

I’ll probably just trade 1 match tonight and get some sleep. Sue is working this weekend so I am up at 6 am to take her to work. I’ll have a look at the other matches when I have dropped her off.

She had her vaccination this week. She had a mild reaction to it for a couple of days and had the “dead arm” that seems to be common. She had an antibody home test sent in the post from the NHS. They had tried to get blood out of her at work a few months ago but couldn’t get any! So now it was down to me. She hates needles. It was similar to a diabetes test with a needle that goes into the finger when you press a button. We used the recommended ring finger on the left hand but barely got a drop out of her. God knows what she was doing but I ended up laying on the kitchen floor trying to get the container under her finger as she said she needed to hold her finger low to get the blood flowing. I went along with that for a few minutes but it wasn’t working. I told her we were going to use a different finger and she should let me squeeze the blood out. Getting blood out of the proverbial stone would have been a doddle compared to this. The different finger worked fine and we had soon filled the container. No results back yet.

Really that has been my week. It has been all bed and work. It will be good when the matches are on at better times. I have had plenty of people signing up for the guide and the trading emails.

I have a couple of videos that just need tidying up before posting. Hopefully I’ll get to those next week.

Stay safe.

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