TradeShark Diary, 15th August 2020

I think it has been a week since my last diary post. Quite a bit has been going on.

There were 2 tournaments on this week and as one was in Europe and one in America we have had tennis almost all day. The trading has been good although Thursday wasn’t an easy session overall. It isn’t long before the US Open starts at the end of this month and then the French Open is only a couple of weeks after that.

I had an email from the CEO of the SMTP service apologising for the delay in responding. They have authorised my domain. You may remember that they had rejected me initially and then refused to discuss it when I explained that the reason they gave for rejection was incorrect. I contacted their boss via Twitter. He did reply and asked me to send him details so he could look into it. I sent over the information but after 3 days he had neither replied to or acknowledged the email. I sent him a professional email and a little more shitty Twitter reply saying something along the lines of his lack of basic courtesy meant he and his business were a bad fit for my requirements. I didn’t expect to hear from them.

The surprising thing is that once you’re accepted their customer service is excellent! There have been a few teething problems as they tweak settings to get all emails delivered but their customer support guys are available on live chat straight away. I’m on a free trial for 30 days but I am very happy with the service so far.

The party house quietened back down after a couple of days. We’ll see how they are this weekend. The weather is cooler so sitting outside might not be as appealing. The heat made sitting in the office all day a little uncomfortable. I’ll invest in some sort of air conditioning for next summer. I’ll buy it during the winter when it’s cheaper. I’m always looking for value! I’ve had to make do with the office fan and I nicked the bedroom one too. After a while though in 34 degree heat the fans are just moving warm air around.

The Police turned up at the door yesterday morning. They wanted to take statements from both of us about the neighbour’s daughter being snatched 3 months ago. Three months! That took an hour and a half.

I’ll probably trade the Lexington matches tonight. Good luck if you get involved.

Stay safe. I keep wondering if we are still saying “Stay safe”. Things seem to be back to some sort of normal. I think we will have some degree of social distancing for many months.

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