TradeShark Diary, 15th July 2020

So people in England will have to wear face masks in shops. It’s essential. So essential that the rule will come into force a week on Friday. A WEEK ON FRIDAY?? How many mixed or weak messages are we going to have in this pandemic?

I actually saw this coming a couple of weeks ago and had ordered a mask just in case. I haven’t worn a mask so far. Sue brought a couple home from work. There are no PPE shortages now. I don’t have a problem with wearing a mask. I’m not convinced that they will make much difference. If they are handled correctly even the NHS masks are only effective for a few minutes apparently. members of the public will not follow rules like washing their hands before putting the mask on. Will they take the mask off the correct way bu holding the ear straps and pulling it away from their face before putting it into a clean bag before taking it home to wash it and have a spare mask to use while the other is being laundered? Nope. they will pull it off by the mask part and stuff it into a pocket or a hand bag until the next shopping trip. I have seen people pull the mask down to have a cough for god’s sake.

A corner of Twitter isn’t happy about the masks.

Twitter comment
Twitter comment

Somehow i think if these people were ever faced with REAL tyranny that they might not cope well.

Personally if we have to wear a mask when I go into Tesco I don’t have a problem with it. Some random MP was on TV yesterday and was asked if the prices of masks would be held low so that retailers could not make a massive profit on them. He said that it didn’t have to be a mask. Just a cloth face covering. How about a teatowel? There’s an old table cloth in the cupboard. I mean if it’s going to save lives I could even use the NEW table cloth. it’s never been used as a table cloth.

Did anyone see the Back Voices advert before Emmerdale last night on ITV? AT first I thought it was one of those pointless Nationwide ads. Then this ad mentioned that there was an issue with white supremacy in this country. Fuck off! Who on Earth gave the OK for this ad to go out at all never mind in a prime time slot? This isn’t America. Why are so many people desperate to paint the UK as having the same level of racism as they have over there? Christ they’ll have us all taking a knee at 8pm every Thursday while we give the black power fist salute.

The Swiss have cancelled their tennis tournament. I think that has more to do with the fact that Roger Federer won’t be there than anything to do with Covid-19. Without Roger there ticket sales and probably advertising revenue will drop enough to make it not financially viable.

I have traded a few matches this week. The standard is improving as the better players get involved. Today’s matches in Germany are delayed by rain so I might make a start on the next thought process flow chart for the members area.

Stay safe.

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