TradeShark Diary, 16th April 2020

Another quiet day. I watched Captain Tom Moore reach his 100 laps of his garden. It’s amazing that he has raised so much for the NHS. I wonder how many times in the 100 laps he wished he had a much smaller garden? He puts all that effort in and at the end they get Michael Ball to sing to him. That’s no way to treat an old soldier.

My wife coloured her hair today. I had my back to the door when she came into my office singing “Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”. I turned round and nearly choked on my sandwich. She was in the middle of dyeing her eyebrows! She ran off before I could get a photo but this is what first came to mind when I saw her.


She’s as mad as I am.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time reading through some old emails. I am setting up the affiliate program again and wanted to check on what I used to pay affiliates. A real step down memory lane. I then thought it would be interesting to hear the radio interview I did with Adam Todd but I ran out of time. I leave my desk at 5pm. I’ll continue to look for a link in the morning.

Stay safe.

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