TradeShark Diary, 18th April 2020

I had a video that needed commentary adding to it. I found it when I gave my video folder a spring clean. The original video was a little over an hour. I probably didn’t post it at the time as the laptop was struggling and the video was a little sticky in places. I usually speed up the video during the dull bits but each time I did this the video would freeze up. I tried a few different media players until I found one that could handle it. That meant the video ended up taking me around 6 bloody hours! At least it kept me out of mischief.


I spoke to my sister this morning. She works for Heinz Kraft. She’s the UK Food Safety and Quality Manager ( or something like that ). She told me she had sent us a load of Heinz products. I thanked her but told her that she really didn’t need to send us food parcels as there was a rumour that a supermarket was being built in the next village. I just have to figure out how to carry the shopping on my head wrapped in a blanket. She told me I was an ungrateful git and that they couldn’t even get beans in Wigan. I can’t remember the last time I even had Heinz beans. I was a manager for Lidl when the great beans price war was on. Weren’t they sold at 5p or some crazy price? I haven’t bought anything but own brand since.

There wasn’t much time for anything else. Sue was working and had left a bit of a shopping list. I went down to Tesco’s around 6:30. Virtually no queue to get in.

I picked Sue up at 7:30. Sounds like she had a drama free shift which is good. Ended the night with a Chinese from Noodle Hut and a Netflix film. Someone she works with had recommended Healer. Not the worst film I have ever seen but it won’t be winning any awards.

A pretty bog standard day. Stay safe.

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