TradeShark Diary, 20th December 2020

Tournaments for the start of 2021:


5 Jan 2021 – 13 Jan 2021

5 Jan 2021 – 13 Jan 2021
Delray Beach

31 Jan 2021 – 6 Feb 2021
Melbourne 1

31 Jan 2021 – 6 Feb 2021
Melbourne 2

1 Feb 2021 – 5 Feb 2021

8 Feb 2021 – 21 Feb 2021
Australian Open


5 Jan 2021 – 13 Jan 2021
Abu Dhabi (WTA500)

10 Jan 2021 – 13 Jan 2021
Australian Open Qualifying

31 Jan 2021 – 7 Feb 2021
Melbourne 1 (WTA500)

31 Jan 2021 – 7 Feb 2021
Melbourne 2 (WTA500)

8 Feb 2021 – 21 Feb 2021
Australian Open

15 Feb 2021 – 21 Feb 2021
Melbourne (WTA250)


18 Jan 2021 – 24 Jan 2021

25 Jan 2021 – 31 Jan 2021

25 Jan 2021 – 31 Jan 2021
Antalya 1

Sue has started with Covid symptoms on Tuesday last week. She had a test on Wednesday but didn’t get the results back until Tuesday this week. Thankfully it was negative. We were pretty sure it would be as her symptoms we much reduced after a couple of days but it’s nice to get it confirmed.

Our plan for Christmas has been screwed a little by Boris/Covid. Our daughter, son in law and the grand kids are staying with his parents while they do up their new home. For the last few years we have gone to their house for Christmas. The exception was when we went out for Christmas dinner. We won’t be doing that any time soon even if the pubs are open.

It isn’t unreasonable that his parents expect them to spend Christmas day with them as they have been putting them up for months. Sue swapped her Christmas day off so that they can come to us on Boxing Day. Boris went on TV yesterday saying that the Covid restrictions have changed over the holiday and you can only get together on Christmas day. The sentiment of what he said is that we can only get together on 1 day rather than the original 5 days.

There are lots of people who work Christmas day so I would expect there to be some clarification announcement that if someone is working Christmas day they can switch their family celebration to another day. I am genuinely concerned for Sue’s mental health if she doesn’t get to see our daughter and the grandkids for Christmas as we are certain to be back in tighter restrictions straight after. As soon as Boris made the announcement I said that we’re not cancelling plans for Boxing Day. I’ll be home alone on Christmas day and Sue is working 7 am to 7:30 pm so we’re not having 2 Christmas days although our neighbour has said she will plate me up a Christmas dinner as I am on my own which is kind of her.

If I get a knock on the door on Boxing Day I’ll take my chances but as the Police haven’t stopped any of the house parties in the street for the whole of Covid I can’t see them being any more interested on Boxing Day.

We are going to Tesco at 6 tomorrow morning to get the food and drinks. If it’s anything like last year

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