TradeShark Diary, 20th May 2020

Sue’s back pain got a lot worse on Tuesday night. She is a much better carer than she is a patient. I was applying some deep relief (wash your mind out with soap!) and she was getting a bit shitty that I wasn’t applying the gel in the right place. She changed her mind where the pain was every second. It’s there. No it’s there. No it’s there. It was like playing “Whack a Mole”. It was very late when the gel had enough of an effect for her to get comfortable enough to sleep. She was a lot better on Wednesday morning.


The “play” bank that I allowed myself 3 weeks ago is now at £1900. I removed the original £200 after the first week. I got a bit trigger happy in the second week and lost a chunk of it but after giving myself a mental slap round the face my discipline returned.

I finished “work” around 3pm and we spent the rest of the day in the garden. The family next door (the nice side) are having a barbecue tomorrow. They said they would do some food for us so we have given them a few quid towards it. I haven’t been to a barbecue for years. Obviously, technically we’re not going to this one as the food will be placed on top of the wall at the bottom of our gardens. It will be a nice change to the routine.

There is evidence that monkeys who have recovered from the Coronavirus develop an immunity to the virus. Read here.

That would be great news if it proves to be the same with humans. Common sense does suggest that it is the same. I mean they give you a small dose of flu in a flu jab to prompt your body to produce antibodies.

We had a curry in the evening. It was rank. Sue has used that place for years but I have been pushing to use a different one. She has now agreed that they are taking the piss. Thank god for that! That means that I have convinced her to stop using her favoured Chinese, pizza and Indian takeaways. Happy days.

I was trying to watch the third part of Harry’s Heroes on ITV. Twice I managed to get to the bit at the end where they play the Germans and twice I slept through it. I woke up at 1:15 am. I’ll try again on Thursday.

Stay safe.

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