TradeShark Diary, 21st April 2020

I haven’t posted for a couple of days. No real reason for that other than I didn’t have a lot to say. Yesterday in particular I had a bit of a mini detox from online stuff.

The Twitter account is still suspended. It is hard to get any information at all about it. I did read somewhere that if you keep sending appeals it puts you back in the queue. Oops. It hasn’t been a month yet so I’ll wait for the 4 week mark (Saturday) or the 1 calendar month mark (28th) to see if its had a specific time limit set to the suspension.


The dog walks for the last couple of nights have been pretty dull. Multiple fox sightings but always too far away to be caught on camera. At least with the body cam I am not having to piss about trying to hold my phone as well as 2 dog leads. The dogs are getting a bit stir crazy. One walk just isn’t enough for bigger dogs. I need to try the dog field some time this week. it would be better if I can find a time that no one else is down there. Usually 1pm is a good time as most people are at work but obviously that doesn’t apply now. The dogs really need to have a mad half hour down there to burn off some energy.

I finally cut the grass on Monday. I have decided that jobs around the house and garden aren’t going to last long so I am just going to get them done and work out how else to fill the time later. Next up are the bushes in the front garden. Sue has been moaning about them for a while (well years actually). She wants me to remove them completely. I have come to a compromise that I am keeping the hedge by the road. The tree is staying. I’ll get the hedge trimmers on the rest and clear them. It will make it look a lot bigger I suppose but all we do in the front garden is walk through it!

Sue has 1 more shift to do on Friday and is then off for 2 weeks. Their boss has just been allocating holidays without asking the staff as no one was booking them and it would cause a problem further down the line. Sue’s not complaining although has asked me to help her fill her time. I have said for a long time that she doesn’t do well with a lot of time on her hands. Even before all the coronavirus shit kicked off she could never just enjoy some time off. Eventually if there is nothing to worry about she will invent some issue that really shouldn’t cause her a problem at all. A couple of days sitting thinking about it and its the next threat to humanity. This is the first time that she has admitted that I am right! Maybe she does listen to me. With the weather being so nice she wants some plants to go in all the pots and hanging baskets in the back garden. I have ordered some online but they aren’t delivered for 3 weeks. It seems everyone else had the same idea.

One of her mates at work told her about some bargain place in town that has a lot of decent bedding plants. I’m not sure that classes as a vital journey though. We haven’t seen much of the police round here but knowing my luck it will be the day they decide to stop people. When we have Tesco 5 minutes away how can I justify driving into town?

The “food parcel” arrived from my sister. The family have never taken an interest in what I do. Maybe she thinks I am destitute.

TradeShark Diary, 21st April 2020 1

I’ll wait until this afternoon before i start up the hedge trimmers. That will give my neighbours a chance to get out of bed.

Stay safe.

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