TradeShark Diary, 21st March 2021

Census day! Have you filled yours in? You’ll be getting a knock on the door if you don’t send it. Ours didn’t take long to do. No more than 10 minutes. There really isn’t that much on it.

Last Wednesday the Government announced that over 50’s could now book a Covid vaccine. I tried their website in the morning but it didn’t seem to be working. When I stopped for a break later that day I tried again and it did work. I managed to get booked in for Friday lunch time. Our nearest centre is about 10 minutes away. When Sue had hers done a few weeks ago it was really quiet. I think there were 3 or 4 other cars in the car park. When I got there on Friday I had to queue to get into the car park! I then joined the fairly short queue outside to get booked in. I mentioned how much busier it was to one of the stewards and he reckoned they would be vaccinating a thousand people that day.


I have to say the organisation of it all was superb. It really couldn’t have been done better. Plenty of staff who all knew exactly what their role was but they were all friendly as well. It was a very relaxed experience. I haven’t had any effects from the jab other than the “dead arm”. That’s not a surprise and it is already feeling a lot better today. I had the Astrazena vaccine. I won’t be losing any sleep worrying about blood clots.

I have had a couple of videos that I wanted to get out this weekend. One was posted earlier today and the other is current uploading. My videos lose some of the quality when uploaded to Youtube. I have looked into that and think I have found some things to improve. I found those after I had recorded the videos that are going out today so you’ll have to bear with me a little longer!

I had to replace one of my laptops last week. I run 2 laptops side by side and have 3 monitors connected to them. The E key on the older one started to fail. It wouldn’t always work. I thought there was probably some debris under the key so I tried to clear it with a small brush. It seemed to work but not for long. I removed the key. There is a small rubber spring that looked like it needed to be replaced. I ordered one from Ebay but it didn’t make any difference. I ordered a replacement keyboard. Only a tenner so worth a go. I wish I had watched the Youtube video explaining how to replace it before I ordered it. I didn’t count how many screws need to be removed but someone estimated 50! Pretty much everything had to come out. Awful design! I have had the laptop for quite e while so was due for a new one. The few days I had to wait for it to be delivered were annoying as it started typing “e” constantly without being pressed. I opened a notepad file and left it on the screen. When I came back it had types 20000 e’s. On a few occasions it would wait until I was about to press send on an email and would add a row of a dozen or more e’s.

I haven’t much else to report really. Miami starts next week. Its a tournament I always enjoy trading. I’m not sure why but I always have particularly strong results trading that tournament.

Stay safe.

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